Alexus Staats.
18. Forest dweller. Godless heathen. Occultist.
I’m an elf and I live my life in darkness.

Im tired of seeing people saying white people shouldnt have dreads.
One: Most Celtic tribes, vikings, some Native American tribes, greeks, & some Asians have had dreadlocks.
Two: hair is technically suppose to be dreads, no matter what hair type, it dreads itself.
Three: cultures shouldnt even matter. If someone want to have dreads because it just makes them happy, thats all that matters.
You people claim to know SO much about dreadlocks, but don’t know the history? Ok. They do not belong to people with an “african decent” they belong to EVERYONE. Get some knowledge before you go running your mouth.
Btw, complaining about white people having dreads isnt going to make them take them out. Just get over yourself. & don’t waste my life, yours, or others with your false bullshit.

(If I get anything negative, the rest wont be read & will be deleted. Don’t continue to waste your time on nothing.)

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